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JSC Vitebskdrev passed the audit for the compliance with CARB2 and Ikea IOS-MAT-0003 standards with regards to MDF

JSC Vitebskdrev passed the audit on the compliance with CARB2 and IKEA IOS-MAT-0003 standards with regard to formaldehyde emission control and formaldehyde content in MDF boards and had the respective certificates issued.

CARB and IKEA standards set a tough low tolerance level in terms of the formaldehyde emission level from the materials and the procedure of formaldehyde control with attested laboratories engaged in the process. The specialists of EPH (Dresden), the recognized European certification authority, performed the certification and auditing. Having such certificates issued serves as a testimony of high competences of the Holding employees, namely those of JSC Vitebskdrev as far as the production process and products quality control is concerned.

MDF boards manufactured by JSC Vitebskdrev comply with the European EN 622-5 standard (certificates pursuant to STB – EN 622-5 IDT EN 622-5) and the product featuring the E1 formaldehyde emission class may be offered to customers or the product featuring the reduced emission in accordance with CARB2, IKEA IOS-MAT-0003 standards.

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