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Products of JSC Vitebskdrev amongst the best

tg2018Within the framework of the contest of “Best products of the Republic of Belarus 2018” dry-process MDF boards manufactured by JSC Vitebskdrev are recognized best in the nomination of “Industrial and technology products”.

The contest of “Best products of the Republic of Belarus” is arranged in two stages.

Stage 1 – regional: contest commissions define products to qualify into the final, and among them – products contending for the status of the “Novelty of the year”, as well as contender for the special award of “Best in the region”. At this point all aspects of company operations affecting the product quality (engineering and technological, social, financial, regulatory & metrological, promotional and advertising ones, aspects of energy efficiency and safety) are taken into consideration.

At the second stage of the contest – nationwide – the contest commission resolves to award products the status of “Novelty of the year” and the contestants are awarded special awards – “Best in the industry”, “Best in the region”, and the diploma of “Stable quality”.

When summarizing the results of the contest, the national contest commission took into consideration the feedback from consumers regarding the performance of companies in general and the quality of their products and services. Companies that passed stage 1 (regional level) of the contest qualified into the final.

A total of 23 152 consumers voted in the survey (20 410 likes vs. 2 742 dislikes). It should be noted that each consumer could vote only once.

Companies that were awarded the title receive diplomas and they are eligible to place a logo on its products and packaging, as well as in documents and advertising materials.

The logo of the contest of “Best Products of the Republic of Belarus” is a hallmark of quality for home products that serves as a reference point for consumers choosing the product.

Source: Conglomerate of Bellesbumprom

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