Fiberboards MDF/HDF

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) 

We’d like to present you fibreboard MDF from the largest Belarusian factory, equipped with the newest equipment from the leading german manufacturer  «Binos». MDF can be painted by decorative printing, lacquered, solid color, textured by woods (walnut, oak, cherry, beech, ash) (manufactured on equipment company "Burkle").

Degree of gloss: matt, semi-gloss, gloss, super gloss. Grades 1 and 2.

Technical information:

 Standard dimensions: width  1220 mm, 2440 mm
 Standard dimensions: length   1830 mm, 2440 mm, 2750 mm, 3050 mm
 Thickness  from 3 till 40 mm
 The average density (kg/m3)  from 650 till 800
 Formaldehyde content (mg/100g)  8 emission class E1, Е2
 Binder  Based on urea-formaldehyde resins

Minimum order, the scope and terms of delivery, packaging and characterization of commodity price stipulated in contract.


High Density Fiberboards (HDF)

It is a wood-based product similar to MDF but exceeding its density. HDF have a very high dimensional stability, high strength characteristics, perfect horizontal and excellent processing properties. Environmentally safe, durable and easy to process material. Manufactured on equipmnet «IMAL Srl», «Wemhöner», «Andritz».

The production program of leading Belarusian manufacturing plants of plates includes the following products:
- sanded plate HDF
- HDF laminated
- floor panels of laminated HDF boards (s = 8mm)

Technical information:

 Standard dimensions: width  till 2070( including 1830х2440) mm
 Standard dimensions: length  till 2800 (including 1830х1220) mm
 Thickness  from 3 till 40 mm
 The average density (kg/m3)  from 800 till 890
 Formaldehyde content (mg/100g)  8 emission class E1
 Glue  UF - urea formaldehyde

Sanded HDF - is such HDF, which is specially sanded after pressing without additional decoration, uniform in structure with extremely dense and solid surface.

Laminated HDF - on the face side is covered with a layer of decorative paper that allows you to select the one decoration that is right for you. Sheets of laminated HDF do not have locks.

The main application of MDF/HDF boards - is the production of back walls of furniture, bottoms of boxes, door inserts, decorative furniture facades, although HDF are used for finishing walls and floors.

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