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Uniform Holding commercial operations center of “BORWOOD”
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JSC «Belarusian Forestry Company» is the only export-oriented operator of timber and wood products made by enterprises of the holding of woodworking industry companies «BORWOOD». The Holding company includes 9 manufacturing enterprises, producing sawn timber, laminate flooring, matches, plywood and wood plate products – MDF, hardboard, fireboard. All the enterprises are equipped with high-technology equipment.

Since 2005 JSC Belarusian Forestry Company has been rendering brokerage service to customers, who have interest in the sale and purchase of goods at the auctions, held by timber products section of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC.

Centralized management lets to control product quality during all the manufacturing cycle from logging to manufacturing and packaging of finished products and provides delivery optimization. Management system comply with international standard ISO 9001-2015.

JSC Belarusian forestry company permanently improves products and expand the range. According to market demand the company increases output and enter new markets. Nowadays our products are supplied to more than 50 countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East and also to the USA and Canada. The products comply with FSC-standard.

Manufacturing Enterprises

Products are supplied to more than 50 countries.

About 10,000 employees provide smooth operation of the Holding «BORWOOD».