The procurement service of JSC Belarusian Forestry company performs the centralized procurement of raw materials and other materials for the manufacturing companies of the Holding of “BORWOOD”

JSC Belarusian Forest Company imports the following products for enterprises of Holding of woodworking companies «BORWOOD»:

Product name Code
Melamine 29336100
Decorative paper 4811900000
Base paper 4805910000
Overlay paper 48054000
Shelling knives 1750х180х15 8208200000
Methanol 2905110000
Concentrate urea formaldehyde KFK-85 3909100000
Carbamide formaldehyde resin 3909100000
Phenol-formaldehyde resin 3909400000
Formalin 2912110000

These products are used by companies of the Holding for production of range of products.